Families come in all shapes and sizes...

Having children is something that millions of people aspire to, but for many the challenges lie much deeper than simply the mechanics of producing them. Being in a traditional nuclear family was once held to be an absolute ‘must have’ for anyone who wanted to experience the joy of parenthood, but this is no longer the case with many choosing alternatives.

Platonic Co-Parenting covers a wide range of possible arrangements where the parents of children are not in what would be described as a traditional relationship. It presents its problems of course but also provides a solution that was previously unheard of until recent times.

Nick Farrow’s touching and endearing memoir will show you how one man’s desire to have children of his own led him to explore a whole new concept that would change his life forever.

Covering the key events from the 12 months leading up to the birth of his daughter in 2015 until the present day, he shares the obstacles and the successes, laughs and tears and poses questions for reflection for anyone interested in starting this journey for themselves.


Consultation Sessions

Both Nick and his Co-Parent Rae are offering Zoom consultations based on our experience to anyone interested in taking this family route. These are informal discussions where we can share the benefit of our experience and discuss the ways we have dealt with issues that have arisen in our co-parenting journey. Please contact us on the form below for more details.



Nick Farrow © Made with love